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Stocking, Delayed Harvest Section of Roanoke River in Salem, Thursday, April 28 and in Green Hill Park, Friday, April 29, 2013.

The stocking below Colorado Street went well Thursday morning, with Barry Whitt, Kenny Seagle, Jack Ward and conservation officer Joe Williams participating.

Ernie put in about 400 to 500 put and take size fish plus several browns over 5 lbs and 6 rainbow triploids over 5 lbs. Kenny had to perform CPR on one of the rainbow triploids. The prognoses is for a full recovery. 

Friday morning in Green Hill Park we had a record turnout of volunteers and the stocking went very well. Here too a couple of the big rainbows needed a little help to get going.

Brock said he had loaded up the truck with a good number big rainbows, several over 5 lbs and more fish altogether. Spring fishing looks promising this year. 

The participants were: Anke Loberg, Hans Loberg, Al Scanlan, Molly Scanlan, Barry Whitt, Bill Bainter, Bob Crawshaw, Dan Phlegar, David Vecellio, Don Kreh, Dover England, Betty England, George Kesler, Jack Ward, John Loope, Ken Seagle, Ken Yopp, Lawrence Legg,  Richard Pitts, Robert marek, Roger Delapp, Steve Minnix, Tori Minnix.

Stocking, Delayed Harvest Section of Roanoke River in Green Hill Park, Friday, Jan 25, 2013

Stocking, Delayed Harvest Section of Roanoke River in Green Hill Park, Friday, Jan 25, 2013.   With the temperature at 24 degs, we were getting a little edgy stomping around to keep warm, waiting for Brock and the stocking truck. Fortunately there was no wind and the snow was not supposed to start until noon. Finally, Brock showed up with the truck 45 minutes late. Truck problems. Before each stocking, the stocking truck has to be hosed down and disinfected. Well, this time wiring froze and shorted out and fuses to supply power to the oxygen pump kept blowing. Brock managed to get things going and got the truck over the mountains and to the river.  After the long wait the water in the buckets waiting at the first two access points had started to freeze over! With all the volunteer help stocking went over very well and we were done by 10:30. Then it started snowing. Thanks to all the volunteers that braved the cold weather!  The participants were Anke Loberg, Hans Loberg, Al Scanlan, Barry Whitt, Bill Bainter, Bob Crawshaw, David Vecellio, Jack Ward, John Loope, Ken Seagle, Ken Yopp, Mike Muse, Rand Bowden, Richard Pitts, Rick Weiss, Roger Delapp, Steve Minnix, Tori Minnix.

Stocking - Green Hill Part October 16, 2012

With a record turnout and perfect weather the stocking at Green Hill Park went over very well. Brock and Zach from the Paint Bank Hatchery showed up at about 9:05am. We stocked about 300 lbs of both browns and rainbows and were done about 10am.  The stocking volunteers were Anke Loberg, Hans Loberg,  Al Scanlan,  Molly Scanlan, Barry Whitt,  Bill Bainter, Bob Crawshaw, David Vecellio, Dick Cole,  Dick Taylor,  Jack Ward, Jim Porter, John Loope, John Parker, Judy Parker, Ken Seagle, Dick Seagle, Rand Bowden, Richard Pitts, Robert Marek, Roger Delapp. 

Stocking Report - Green Hill Park and Salem Section - Monday 1/24 and Tuesday 1/25/2011

Also visit the Virginia Depart of Game and Inland Fisheries Website for Stocking Schedule.


Stocking Report - Green Hill Park and Salem Section Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Hill Park, Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010 - We had a lower than normal turnout of volunteers due to a number of conflicts. The day started with pouring rain before 9am, but when Andy arrived with the stocking truck the weather was looking up and we tucked away the rain gear.  Andy provided us with a nice combination of lively Browns and Rainbows from the Paint Bank hatchery. Many jumped out of the buckets trying to get to the river quicker. The stocking took us about 1hr, 20mins.  Then we had to conduct a search and operation in an attempt to find Dick Taylor’s missing cellphone. It was eventually found by Anke as we traced our route, repetitively calling Dick’s cell phone number.  The  volunteers consisted of Bob Crawshaw, Hoppy Holsinger, Anke Loberg, Hans Loberg, Richard Pitts and Dick Taylor.

Thanks to all, great job.  


Salem Section Roanoke River - Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010 - A wet start didn't dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of TUer's and friendly waiting fisherman.  The Colorado section was stocked heavily with nice bows and browns, more large fish than normal.  Karl Miller saved the day by providing his ATV and trailer to transport our fish laden buckets to the various stocking points along the Greenway.  We stocked over 1,100 pounds of fish over a two hour period.  Several folks helped for part of the time but as one would leave another jumped in to help.  When you see Karl please thank him for the use of his machine, without it we would have been very short handed.  Both the Salem Police and Conservation Police visited and promised to keep a careful eye on the area.  Signs need to be refreshed in places, a good project for these beautiful fall days along with matching the hatch for some of the lunkers.  

March 12, 2010 Stocking


Roanoke River Stocking, Salem Section, Friday, March 12, 2010

We had a great turn out of members and fisherman to help with stocking.  Ernie delivered us 1200 brown trout with several in the 2-4 pound range.  Marvin suggested to all those waiting fisherman to assist and they sure came through for us.  It was really nice having the extra help as we had to carry buckets to the river from the road.  Thanks to all those unknown fellow fisherman for their hard work and great help!  The TU volunteers consisted of Bayes Wilson, Jon Wilson, Joe Nawrocki, George Kesler,  Jack Ward, Marvin Huffman and David Vecellio.  We also had some of the fellows come down from Green Hill Park to help us finish up. Even with the water up the fishing proved to be very good for me!! 


Roanoke River Stocking, Green Hill Park, Friday, March 12, 2010.

 We had a nice turnout of TU volunteers, some veterans and some rookies for the spring stocking. We started at 9am when Andy arrived  from the Paint Bank hatchery with about 500-600 browns ranging from 9  to 17 inches, nice combination. The weather was overcast, but no rain and we were done about 10 am. Due to snow melt and some rain the river flow was close to 600cf/s, too high to distribute the trout towards the opposite bank like we usually do. The TU volunteers consisted of Bill Bainter, Dick Cole, Bob Crawshaw, Bob Jenkins, Anke Loberg, Hans Loberg, Mark McKinney, Dan Phlegar, Richard Pitts and Wysor Smith. Thanks to all, great job.


Friday, March 12, 2010, 9:00am Stocking, Delayed Harvets sections, GHP and Salem.  

1. In GHP we will start at the first parking lot on the right, just past the park entrance.

2. In Salem, we will start at the beginning of the new greenway at the Apperson bridge.

Stocking starts as soon as the trucks arrive.



Stocking Special Regulation Sections, Tuesday,  Oct 7, 2008, 9:00am Click here for story and pictures.

Stocking Special Regulation Sections at Green Hill Park and Salem April 2, 2008

Click here for story and pictures.

Monday, February 4, 2008 Stocking of Special Reg. area - Salem and Green Hill Park

Trout stocking on the Special Regulation Section Roanoke River will take place on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 9 a.m. Click here for details and pictures.

Trout Stocking Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Click here for story and pictures.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:00 a.m.

Spring stocking of Roanoke River Delayed Harvest areas in Green Hill Park and Salem.   Any members that can assist please contact Hans Loberg  387-1340 and or Bayes Wilson  387-2762  More details to follow.  Click here for pictures of Green Hill Park Stocking.

Click here for pictures of Salem Stocking.

Thursday, February 8, 2007 Roanoke River Stocking.

Click here for pictures and story of Green Hill Stocking.

Click here for pictures and story of Salem below Colorado Street Bridge Stocking.


Per Paint Bank Fish Hatchery 1/30/07.

 Stocking, Roanoke River Delayed Harvest sections, Green Hill Park and Salem:

Thursday, February 8, 2007, 9:00am

Contact Hans Loberg - 387-1340 if you can assist.

Write up and photographs to follow.


The Special Regs (Green Hill Park and Colorado St to Apperson) stocking went well, with an ample contingent of Chapter members to assist DGIF personnel in tenderly introducing a number of rainbow, brown, and brook trout to their new homes.  Bayes Wilson says that there were a number of BIG brookies included.  Click here for write-up by Hans Loberg and pictures by Bayes Wilson.

ROANOKE RIVER STOCKING (MONDAY, MAY 15, 2006) - Twelve Chapter members were on hand to assist DGIF personnel with the last of the spring stockings for the Special Regulations areas of the Roanoke River.  The stocking went very smoothly with such a large contingent of TU members.  This stocking featured some of the largest fish we have seen since the inception of the Special Regs areas, and included some very large brookies.  Click here for some pictures.

As usual, the people working the Green Hill area finished off the activity with a cleanup activity.   Many thanks to Hans and Anke Loberg for facilitating that activity.


Some of the Chapter members getting started at the DGIF truck.  Click here for more details and pictures

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